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Payment Plans That Work For You

We work with buyers to develop a payment structure that works for them. A small deposit is required to reserve your foal and the balance is owed prior to the weaning date ( usually around 5-6 months of age). Deposits are refunded if the mare does not carry to term and we ensure all scenarios are covered in our contracts. All in-utero purchases come with a health foal guarantee.


Be Part of The Process

We attend all foalings, and have all of our broodmares under cameras. We utilize advanced milk testing (we use titration testing to test PH and calcium, no pool test strips here!) which gives us a very accurate idea of when the mares are going to foal. Buyers are updated all the way along with the mares progress leading up to labor.


We take as many photos and videos of the delivery as possible to send to buyers as most of our buyers are from the USA and cannot be here in person. We stay with the foals until we are confident that they are nursing and getting up and down on their own without any difficulty.

Lifetime Support

When you buy a Keystone foal, you will receive lifetime support from us. We want to see our foals succeed in their new lives and are here for our buyers. We will help you navigate young horse shows, find trainers and be your biggest fan when it comes time to hit the show ring. We are just as excited about your babies milestones as you are and love getting updates. 


Training & Development

When you buy a foal from Keystone Farms, it will receive daily handling and training to ensure it gets the best start possible. We expose them to blanketing, clipping, tying, bathing, grooming and trailering prior to weaning. All foals have their feet trimmed every 6 weeks along side their mothers. All foals are haltered and lead to and from the field.

What's Included?

Included in the purchase price is all board, training, deworming & farrier until weaning. We also include the cost of registration, microchipping and lifetime USEF. Our mares and foals are stabled at night and turned out from sun up to sun down, weather permitting. We have safe fencing and small groups for turnout. 


Ready to become part of the Keystone Family?

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