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German Oldenburg Inspection 

*Cut off to get your paperwork to GOV is July 10th. Any paperwork submitted after this date will be subject to late fees*

On August 17th, 2022 we will be hosting our annual German Oldenburg mare & foal inspection and stallion licensing.

We will have a photographer on site for the day and have handlers available to assist you.

Any questions or requests, please contact us - Amanda@keystonefarms.ca

You can also call or text Amanda at 905-429-0494

If you intend to bring a horse to the inspection, please let us know. 

Only a few day stalls left!

Foal Inspection

Foals can be registered via mail without being inspected, but will not be eligible for awards or inspection scores. If you would like to bring a foal to be inspected, you must do the following:

- The dam must be approved for breeding with GOV.

- The sire must be eligible to have his foals registered with GOV

- You must submit your breeding certificate to the German office

- You must submit the Tour Enrollment Form & Registration form to the German office prior to the inspection.

- You must be a current member with GOV

- Your vet must microchip your foal and complete the microchip form, this should be done prior to the inspection date, but can be sent by email at a later date.

Mare Inspection

Stallion Licensing

Mares must attend an inspection to be approved for breeding, if you would like to have her foals registered with the German Oldenburg. Mares must have registration papers to be eligible, and you must have the original registration papers in hand. If you would like to present your mare for breeding approval you must:

- Email a copy of her papers to the German office to confirm that she is eligible for inspection based on her breeding.

- Email the Tour Enrollment Form and mare inspection form to the German office.

- Bring her ORIGINAL registration papers to the inspection.

Stallions can be presented for licensing at our inspection. Please contact the German office for more information and to confirm that your stallion is eligible.

This is not a Stallion Test. Your stallion must attend a licensing prior to being invited to attend the stallion test.

Additional Information

Foal Naming Convention -  Fillie's names must start with the same letter as either the sire or the dam. A colt's name must start with the same letter as the sire.

Turnout - Mares, foals & stallions should be bathed with manes braided. Tail must be left unbraided. Foals should be presented in a clean and well fitted leather halter, with halters removed when being shown at liberty. Mares and stallions should be presented in a clean and properly fit snaffle bridle.

Handlers - Handlers should wear light color pants with a dark color golf shirt or similar. Helmets are recommended but not necessary.

Stallion Selection- Prior to signing a breeding certificate with a stallion owner, ensure they are eligible to have offspring registered with GOV. If you are unsure, please contact the German office to confirm.

Tour Host Forms

GOV Forms